Berikut Chord Gitarnya Lagu Ice Cream – BLACKPINK ft Selena Gomez Trending 1 di YouTube

Lagu berjudul 'Ice Cream' dipopulerkan olehgirl band asal Korea SelatanBLACKPINKbersama dengan Selena Gomez. LaguIce Creammerupakan kolaborasi pertama BLACKPINK bersama dengan Selena Gomez. BLACKPINK dan Selena Gomezresmi merilis lagu terbarunya yang berjudul Ice Cream kemarin, 28 Agustus 2020.

Baru kemarin dirilis, video kipnya telah di putar lebih dari 83 juta kali oleh penonton di YouTube. Kini video klip milik BLACKPINK dan Selena Gomez ini masuk dalam daftar trending 1 di YouTube. A

A Come a little closer ’cause you lookin’ thirsty A

I’ma make it better, sip it like a Slurpee A Snow cone chilly, get it free like Willy (Oh)

A In the jeans like Billie, you be poppin’ like a wheelie A

Even in the sun, you know I keep it icy A You could take a lick, but it’s too cold to bite me (Haha)

A Brr, brr, frozen, you’re the one been chosen A

Play the part like Moses, keep it fresh like roses (Oh) A Look so good, yeah, look so sweet (Hey)

A Lookin’ good, enough to eat A

Coldest with the kiss, so he call me ice cream A Catch me in the fridge, right where the ice be

A Look so good, yeah, look so sweet (Hey) A

Baby, you deserve a treat A Diamonds on my wrist, so he call me ice cream

A You could double dip ’cause I know you like me Ice cream chillin’, chillin’, ice cream chillin’

Ice cream chillin’, chillin’, ice cream chillin’ Know that my heart can be so cold But I’m sweet for you, come put me in a cone (In a cone)

You’re the only touch, yeah, that get me meltin’ He’s my favorite flavor, always gonna pick him You’re the cherry piece, just stay on top of me, so

Can’t see nobody else for me, no Get it, flip it, scoop it, do it like that, oh yeah, oh yeah Like it, love it, lick it, do it like la la la, oh yeah

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